Packard Bell dot m / u, an ultra-thin with an elegant design

Although netbooks are still a lot of pull in the stores, more ambitious users are beginning to recognize the advantages of the ultra-thin notebooks. Are more complete in all those mini-note sections, and therefore, despite having a slightly larger size, are more capable

This proposal Packard Bell to review (a sort of European version of the Acer Aspire 1410) is a perfect example of this concept, midway between netbook and laptop, and offers a very decent settings on a computer with a rather elegant design .

The finish of the chassis and the exterior of the keyboard has a very decent quality, with a touchpad multitácil to help control some applications that support this type of interface. Your keyboard is well resolved, although the arrangement of some keys is strange, but his tact and sensitivity are remarkable. The 11.6-inch screen is especially remarkable when one is accustomed to the 10-inch netbooks, and this is one of the clear advantages of these ultra-thin, which offer a compact high power.

In our test has yielded consistent results with your setup. The PCMark05 score was 2765 points, while in 3DMark06 dropped 595 points. Autonomy is encrypted according to the manufacturer for about 8 hours, but our Battery Eater Pro tests showed that this number is very optimistic, because this test drained the battery in 3 hours and 2 minutes. In any case, we believe a machine is balanced and very appealing.